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Cocktail Dress at LASCANA

Whether it's a wedding, party, or evening event, you can't go wrong with your choice of cocktail dresses. There is always a call for a great party dress for many occasions. Cocktail dresses are the unicorn of the event world and can be dressed up or down to match a wide range of occasions, from formal to casual.

Party dresses were originally finely tailored clothes for special occasions in the early 19th century. Today, cocktail dresses are the perfect mixture of chic and classic for any type of celebration. Cocktail dresses are relatively formal - but not too formal. They need to look chic and polished without being too stiff and formal. Really, a great party dress needs to be just right. Buying ladies' party dresses for special occasions is a thrilling activity we can all enjoy.

LASCANA offers a wonderful selection of women's party dresses online that are the perfect options, no matter the celebration.

We're going to talk about all things cocktail dresses! You can pick out a stunning cocktail dress that is perfect for you when you know what to look for in a semi-formal garment. Let's take a closer look!

Styles of cocktail dresses

Party dresses for women come in a wide range of styles, color, and materials, making them fun to order online. We all love to feel like Cinderella on occasion and dress up in a new fancy dress that is sure to impress. When looking for women's party dresses, it's best to look for an option that perfectly balances sexy and elegance. Let's take some of the best styles in women's cocktail dresses you can wear to your next celebratory occasion.

  1. Mini cocktail dresses are one of the most versatile styles of cocktail dresses. They are fun and flirty and come in a wide range of options. If you're going to go for this style of dress, you can pick one with fun cutout details on the shoulders, bold fabric choices like fabrics, or oversized sleeves for maximum dramatic effect. For those with elegant legs, these are a perfect option.
  2. Midi cocktail dresses are extremely popular this season. Midi dresses create length and allow you to wear statement shoes to any event you attend. These elegant dresses are also perfect for dancing around any dance floor without fearing showing a little too much leg.
  3. Maxi dresses are a fashionable option for a cocktail event. The sheath maxi dress is in fashion this season, allowing you to flaunt curves and wear more statement jewelry to accessorize. When it comes to the length of a cocktail dress, it's important to be aware of the style in combination with the length. Although maxi dresses are great cocktail options, it's important to remember that you should not wear something too formal - like a ball gown – to a semi-formal event.
  4. Sequined dresses are a statement all by themselves. Whether you choose to go with a shorter full sequined version or a longer option with sequined detailing, you won't go wrong. The options are endless and require minimal styling when you are heading out.
  5. Sheath dresses with lace details and overlays are popular choices in cocktail dresses. Lace is always a great choice for semi-formal events, evoking elegance in your outfit and many options to style.

How to choose women's party dresses?

Adding women's cocktail dresses to your semi-formal outfit collection can be difficult because there are so many choices! Here are our favorite tips for picking the perfect cocktail dresses for women.

  1. Choose quality over quantity. A cocktail dress is not like your favorite pair of jeans – you won't be wearing this dress once or twice a week. This means you should choose quality pieces that will last years. This way you can have many opportunities to wear them. Plus, attending an event where your dress suddenly pops a seam or has discolored because it wasn't made well is a nightmare come true.
  2. Buy something extremely flattering to your body shape. Figure out whether you are a rectangle, apple, pear, or hourglass shape before making your next purchase. This way, you can buy something that makes you look good and adds a timeless effect to your outfit.
  3. Make sure it's comfortable! While a cocktail dress must look good, it must also make you feel good. Make sure your dress is the right size, doesn't pull or sag, and is not itchy to wear. Do some dancing, jumping, and walking around before deciding whether a dress is right. Socializing and dancing while you are uncomfortable isn't an enjoyable experience. And make sure that there is room for you to have something to eat while wearing the dress!
  4. Before making a choice on your dress, consider the underwear that is required to make your outfit work. Are you going to be able to wear your off-the-shoulder dress with a strapless bra if you need to? Will you need to tape your breasts before wearing that backless dress?
  5. Don't overdo it. A cocktail dress must hit the perfect spot of understated sexy without being underwhelming. If you're overdressed for the occasion, you will stick out like a sore thumb and likely not enjoy the event like you would if you had worn a dress that isn't over the top.

How to wear party dresses for women?

Ladies' cocktail dresses take center stage when styling your outfit for a night out. What does this mean? Your dress is the most important part of your outfit. But there are some do's and don'ts when styling your outfit. Party dresses online are the main feature of your outfit, so how do you elevate your look rather than detract from it?

  1. Sneakers are a no-go. You need to wear more formal shoes. Whether this is a sexy kitten heel or a pair of platform heels, this is the occasion to wear your favorite formal shoes. When complimenting a cocktail dress, it's important to wear shoes that elevate the dress rather than distract from it.
  2. Picking out the right handbag is important. A clutch is always preferable when it comes to styling your evening outfit. Avoid oversized options with casual materials. Rather lean towards something with more glitz and glam, even if it can only hold your cell phone and lipstick.
  3. Accessories are an important part of any event-worthy outfit. Avoid going for over-the-top options, but rather focus on complimentary styles. If you wear a colorful and sparkly number, lean towards more subtle options. If wearing a plain sheath dress, you can choose something more statement worthy, like oversized earrings or a bracelet.
  4. The right undergarments are essential to perfecting a cocktail dress. Do you need a strapless bra? Is your dress a little see-through, and do you need to add a slip? Is your tight dress fitting and requires a seamless pair of underwear? Make sure you know what you should wear to compliment your dress before getting dressed for your evening event.

What to wear over a cocktail dress?

When you shop for party dresses, there are several occasions and weather conditions to consider. You want to keep warm and comfortable while wearing your cocktail dress. It's important to consider what you wear over the cocktail dresses you buy online.

  1. Long coats are perfect for when it's cold out. This will keep you warm and comfortable while making your way to an event. Of course, you need to choose a more formal option that will add to your outfit.
  2. Boleros and shrugs are perfect additions to a statement cocktail dress that will keep you warm and cozy without being too heavy to carry around.
  3. Jackets complimenting your outfit are a good styling option when finding something to wear over your cocktail dress. Whether it's a short and cute cropped option or a longer fitted number, options abound.
  4. A blazer is a great option to wear over your cocktail dress, especially if you wear a slinky and fitted dress. An oversized option will elevate your outfit while keeping you warm.

Where to buy cocktail dresses for women?

It is so easy to buy party dresses online when sites like LASCANA have many options. When you buy cocktail dresses online, you are looking for elegant designs, high-quality materials, and excellent construction; LASCANA is the place to shop.

There is no time like the present to buy women's party dresses online to find the perfect outfit for your next celebratory event.