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“You don’t have to listen to anyone else; It’s about how you feel about yourself. It’s about embracing yourself, your curves, and your style.”

Alessandra Ambrosio

How would you define Self-Happiness?

To me self-happiness is about doing what you like, it’s about being who you are. It’s simply about living by your own rules.

What are your secrets to maintain your own self-happiness?

My secret is to do things that I enjoy, doing things that I like. Enjoy my job and my career, like when I go to work, I really enjoy what I do. When I’m home I spend time with my kids and have quality time with them and then take care of myself. For example going to yoga, being out in the nature, eating healthy and overall doing things that I like and I believe in, so they’ll make me happy.

Alessandra Ambrosio

What is your advice for women who haven’t found their personal self-happiness yet?

I think they need to look inside themselves. Don’t listen to the outside world. Feel and be who you are and believe in yourself, be confident. You don’t have to proof anything to anyone. Just be who you are and that’s how you find your happiness. Following your own dreams, set your rules, be who you are and create your own rules. That’s how you find your own self happiness.

Is there something you would like to change about you or your life? Why?

I don’t think I want to change something about myself or my life. I think we learn with everything that we do. Of course there are things I’ve done that were wrong but I feel like these things teach you to be the way you want be. There are certain things in my life maybe I wouldn’t have done again in retrospect. But I feel like you have to do some things wrong to learn from them.

Everyone is human, everyone makes mistakes but those mistakes are what make you learn and make you stronger. Life is about learning every day, it’s about experiencing things. That’s the beauty of life; it’s like a learning process the whole time.

In how far can you identify with LASCANAS “it’s a womans world”

I think LASCANA’s campaign and their philosophy “it’s a woman’s world” is about empowering women to feel good and confident to do whatever they want, to follow their dreams and to accomplish them and to be happy.

What makes you a typical LASCANA girl?

What makes me a typical LASCANA girl? I make my own rules, I set my goals and I know that by doing so, I’m going to make myself happy. That’s when I feel complete.

Does your charity involvement support your own personal Self-Happiness?

I think involvement in charity and giving back is important and it definitely makes me happy. Alessandra Ambrosio

How do you manage to combine your private and your work life?

I enjoy everything that I do. It’s about being in the moment and doing what I like. Managing it is not easy but I had amazing examples in my family by strong women, who took care of the family, of the house, of the kids and also worked. That also resembles the way I am, that’s how I grew up and that was a great example for me to combine both.

Your world – your rules – in how far does the claim apply to you? What are your rules for a happy life?

That’s how I try to live! My rules to happiness is to do what I like, to embrace who I am and to enjoy every moment of whatever I am doing. That’s how I try to live. I try to make my own rules and live by them.

LASCANA stands for passion and sensuality – would you say that these adjectives apply to you? Where do you see the advantages of being passionate und sensual as a woman?

I grew up in a culture that is very passionate. Brazilians are very passionate for everything that they believe in and we are very sensual, too. We love our body, we love to feel good and that’s the same as the LASCANA woman. She is sensual, she is passionate. The advantage of being passionate and sensual is that it definitely adds another layer for you to be confident.

How important are friendships to you? Do they influence your self-happiness?

Friendships are very important. I don’t think we could live in this world without friends. I feel so blessed because I have friends all over the world because I get to travel with my job all over the world and different places. So wherever I go, I have a great friend, somebody that I can share life with and to me they make me more confident and happier.

Do you have a nickname?

My friends call me Alé!

What have you learned since you have a family compared to your life you had in your mid-twenties?

In my mid-twenties I was very spontaneous, but still I was working a lot and building my career but I always had the dream of becoming a mom and having kids. Ever since I am a mom I have this amazing kind of love. Unconditional love but I also have the duty of teaching them how to be grounded and responsible. I have the feeling that life is a process of learning and to me the ultimate thing is love. I want my kids to be happy.

To what extend is the campaign’s topic YOUR WORLD.YOUR RULES interrelated to lingerie and beachwear?

You don’t have to listen to anybody else; it’s about how you feel about yourself. It’s about embracing yourself, your curves, and your style. If you wear something you feel good about and feel well in, don’t be embarrassed, but feel stronger with it. Simply be who you are and create your rules.

Alessandra Ambrosio

Which LASCANA pieces from the new collection are your favourites – and why?

It’s a beautiful black bathing suit. It’s this one-piece that has nice cut-outs. It makes the body look really beautiful. It embraces the curves, it’s sexy but classic at the same time and you can wear it in any kind of occasions.

How can a woman find a perfectly suiting beach style?

I think it’s all about trying. You should go and try a bunch of different things and you find something that makes you feel special. Getting the right size, getting the right piece and something that has quality that’s how you find something that suits you. That’s what puts you in a good mood and boosts your confidence.

What should they pay specific attention to?

When wearing bathing suits, you are very exposed so you need to wear something that makes you feel comfortable. I feel that comfort and the way something fits you is really important to accentuate your curves. Instead of wearing something that doesn’t look good to a 100% you should try to find something that make your curves look even better.

What are the trends for the upcoming beach season?

Like my favorite piece, one-piece suits and cut-outs is definitely a trend because you can wear it all the time. You can wear it to go to a beach bar and just pull over some shorts and it makes you comfortable. Also when you had lunch at the beach you still have the cut outs that make you look sexy but the fabrics hide the food belly. So you’re all set.

Alessandra Ambrosio

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