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Finding the perfect bra for women is no easy task. In fact, it can often feel entirely impossible thanks to the sheer number of styles, colors, prints, frilly details, and more to choose from. While there is an emphasis on wearing outerwear that channels your inner style, it is just as important to find bras that fit you perfectly and make you feel comfortable.

Additionally, price is always a factor when finding women’s bras that feel good, look good, and can hold up against the test of time. From sports bras, delicate femme bras, shapewear, and so much more, there are plenty of factors when considering bras for women.

LASCANA offers a wide range of styles, sizes, and pricing options in women's bras so that every female can wear something that makes them feel beautiful on the inside and out. LASCANA also strives to bring high quality products that not only last but don’t lose that soft comfortable feeling.

While we may ask our closest girlfriends for advice on finding the right bra, everyone has different tastes, sizes, and preferences. So, let's take a closer look our bras, so you know how to find the right bra just for you.

Styles of women's bras

Amongst the halter necks, stick-on, strapless, and nursing styles, there are so many styles for ladies' bras. In fact, there's probably more than we could name in one list, so here are some of the most popular women's bras that we know you love.

  1. Underwire bras have wired cups, perfect for adding extra lift to make your breasts a little perkier. There are both padded and unpadded options, perfect for smoothing away nipple outlines and rounding out the curve of your breast.
  2. Strapless bras are self-explanatory and are designed for tops without straps and other styles such as bandeau dresses. They will feature underwires for added support and sometimes have boning for extra support.
  3. Bralette styles lie between a bra and a crop top. You will see streetwear fashionistas with bralettes under an open blazer or layered under a low-cut top. These are non-wired and non-padded, making them comfortable and stylish at the same time.
  4. Push-up bras lift the breasts and push them closer together for added cleavage. They have underwired cups with a gentle lift and angular padding that changes the shape of breasts to show them off a little more when wearing that low neckline. These are perfect under a going-out dress for added curves.
  5. Sports bras are designed for a wide range of support options specifically for physical activity. Low to heavy-impact bras are available, with your choice depending on the level of activity and the size of your breasts.
  6. T-Shirt Bras give you the seamless look under even your tightest of shirts and tops. T-shirt bras and similar type bras offer you comfort and style while giving you many styles to choose from with options for padded, plunge, wired and much more.

How to choose a bra for women

It's time to shop bras - but you've probably been hoarding that single bra that fits so well after years of use, so you may have forgotten how to choose the best one for your body shape. But shopping for bras online is easy so before you go down that journey let’s make sure you know how to choose the right one for you and use our bra fit guide. You can now easily buy bras online, so here's where you start choosing the right bra for your body shape.

  • Know your size and your “sister” size. Despite what you may have been told, there is more than one right size of bra for your body. There's a wide variation, so know your true size and the size that could be smaller in the band with a bigger cup to give you a comfortable fit if you feel like your “sister size” fits you better.
  • Most of the support comes from the band around your back, so it must fit well. Your band should fit snugly, with no spillage over the cups, and two fingers can run under the bra straps. Choosing soft materials means you don't have to scrimp on comfort for support.
  • Make sure to try on your bra correctly: lean forward at the waist, slip it on, and hook it to ensure your breasts are in the cups completely. This way, you will be able to get the right impression of whether the bra fits well or not. Do this even when you've placed a bra order online.
  • Comfortable to wear: Make sure that after everything you chose something that is comfortable to wear in all sorts of situations. We all have those stylish outfits that are for fashion only so if you are looking for something to wear for an hour that says WOW, by all means. However, if you are looking for something to wear day to day make sure it is adjustable, or able to fit you without digging into your sides or under the cups.

How to measure bra size

Nothing is worse than bras for ladies that don't fit right. They dig into you, leave red marks, and will make you try to adjust it all day long. Bra sizes are notoriously fickle, so learning to take your measurement will make life so much easier when searching for bras in an online shop. If you need assistance please use our bra fitting guide to see which size is perfect for you

  • Determine your band size using a measuring tape to measure your torso under the bust where the band would sit. Add four inches to the measurement if it's an even number and five if it's an off number. For example, a measurement of 32 inches is a band size of 36 inches.
  • Measure your bust by wrapping the tape around the fullest part of your chest at nipple height, round to the nearest whole number.
  • Calculate your cup size by subtracting your band measurement from your bust measurement. The difference in inches is your cup size. For example, 0 is AA, 1 inch is A, 2 inches is B, and 7 inches is G.

Bras for plus size woman

Shopping for plus-sized women's bras used to be annoyingly difficult. Bra designers and outlets should offer comfort, support, and lift in their extended size ranges, no matter the style of the bra. Let's look at the plus-sized bras for women online that are great options for support, comfort, and style.

  1. Plunge bras may dip down low in the center, but they offer a lot of support and lift without discomfort, thanks to the wider straps and band paired with an underwire.
  2. Balconette bras are great for plus-size women. The wider neckline offers maximum support. Whether there is an underwire or not, the thick band around the back offers comfort, lift, and smoothness for a great wearing experience.
  3. T-shirt bras with padding and wiring are also options for plus-size women that will leave you feeling pretty and supported, no matter your choice of bra.
  4. Minimizer bras are perfect to flatter your natural breast shape while making them appear a little bit smaller. Hey offer a layer of comfortable padding throughout the whole bra.

Where to buy bras for women?

LASCANA offers a variety of options when it comes to bras shopping. Thanks to a wide variety of styles, you won't be disappointed with the styles, colors, details, and support options on sale.

Buying bras online in the USA doesn't have to be a nightmare experience when there are great options to choose from with the right information to get your perfect fit the first time around.