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Women's Short Sleeved Tops at LASCANA

Every season in fashion has its favorites. The standalone garment dominating the runway this season is the white tank top. Amongst other women's short sleeve shirts, the tank top is a true building block for any fashion lover's wardrobe.

Fashion brands gave the short-sleeved shirt a fashion remix by matching it with colorful leather trousers on the runway. Meanwhile, others placed their logo on a white tank. Every major designer has taken this wardrobe staple and reimagined it to new heights.

Short sleeved shirts came back to the forefront of the trend cycle. No matter if printed, with ruffles, cold shoulders, crotchet or as a basic color, short sleeved shirts are a fashion staple, every woman needs in her closet. A printed shirt can perfectly be combined for a casual look, while cold shoulder tops are the perfect piece to elevate your outfit.

LASCANA stocks the most fashionable short sleeve shirts for women. By shopping our online collection, you can emulate the high fashion influencers embracing feminine chic with the back-to-basic look.

Let's look at how you can make short-sleeved tops work for you this season.

Let's look at all things women's short sleeve shirts and how you can incorporate this iconic fashion chameleon into your everyday wear.

Types of women's short sleeve shirts

Although the iconic white tank top is holding space in our minds, there are several variations of short sleeve tops for women that are in fashion. Let's explore them a little further, shall we?

  1. Cold shoulder shirts are a fashionable outfit in your closer. Whether choosing a knitted top for a casual look or a woven shirt for a more elegant and stylish outfit. These types of tops go with everything in your closet.
  2. Grab a crop top off the rack for something more flattering if you aren't feeling the longer-style top. Crop tops emphasize waistlines, but they're also great if your want to wear something a little airier without compromising style. Women's short sleeve tops are highly fashionable, so think buttons and wide sleeves for a great look.
  3. Embellished clothing is back in fashion. Try something with a knot in the front, or embrace a little more wow with floral embellishments and lace. The great thing about basic tops is there are so many ways to enjoy the basic style with added feature elements without your outfit appearing too loud.

Tops styles of short sleeve shirts for women that you need in your wardrobe

There are plenty of variations of short sleeve shirts for women and many styles to explore. Let's take a look at the most flattering options for the season.

  1. Fitted tops are definitely in. They offer a flattering silhouette that you could pair with slouchy jeans and a statement pair of sunglasses.
  2. Round-neck women's short-sleeve tops are perfect for layering underneath an open button-up. This look can transition from the warmer months to the colder ones with a bit of layering and creative accessorizing.
  3. Collared shirts are a fashionable item to have in your closet. Whether made from cotton or styled as a polo shirt, these are creative pieces you can wear with just about anything that you already have in your wardrobe.
  4. Smocked shirts are a great choice if you prefer more feminine and chic outfits. Create a cute outfit with a midi skirt, a smocked top, and a casual pair of flats for a perfect brunch time look.

How to choose the right short sleeve tops for women?

There are many options when creating an outfit with ladies' short sleeve tops. So how do you choose the women's short-sleeved shirts that are perfect for your closet? Let's find out.

  1. Consider your personal style. If you don't enjoy wearing basic white tank tops, find another variant that makes your outfit distinctly you. Thanks to the wide variety of styles in fashion at the moment, there are plenty of different colors, patterns, and materials to shop for your perfect style.
  2. Choosing the right neckline is essential when buying any ladies' short sleeve tops online. Some people suit a v-neck, while others suit a high neckline. Find something equally stylish and flattering. Further go for a neckline that makes you feel comfortable, when you go for a style that makes you feel comfortable, you automatically look better.
  3. Do you prefer the basics or something more feminine? While the basic white tank is fashionable, you can choose from a wide array of short sleeve tops for women online. You don't need to be limited by fashion trends. If you enjoy wearing something more flouncy with ruffles or feel feminine in voluptuous sleeves, choose those styles over something that doesn't feel like you when you wear it.

How to style sleeveless tank tops for women?

Ladies' short sleeve shirts can be styled with so many options. These are the true chameleons of the fashion world. Let's look at how you can style female short sleeve shirts.

  1. Tailored Trousers are the epitome of feminine chic this season. Pair a basic female short sleeve shirt with high-waisted tailored trousers, a gold chain necklace, and chunky loafers for a trendy look that you can easily dress up or down.
  2. Midi skirts are in. Add a short-sleeved shirt with a pair of statement calf-length boots, and you feel like a million bucks.
  3. Denim shorts and strappy sandals, paired with a short-sleeved shirt for ladies, are the perfect way to handle the summer heat while looking chic and fab.
  4. Slouchy sweaters add dimension to a short-sleeved shirt. Dress for colder weather with slouchy low-waisted jeans and sneakers for a relaxed yet put-together look, perfect for running errands.

Where to buy a tank top for women online?

Buy your short sleeve tops for ladies online at LASCANA. Browse a wide range of styles, variations, materials, and types of shirts on the website. You find inspiration and unmatched prices while exploring the full collection of trendy tops on sale. It's so easy to buy women's short sleeve tops online when there are so many options at the right price.