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Shorts for women: a stylish element of everyday clothing

Women's shorts are an essential part of any wardrobe. So, whether you're looking for a casual pair of denim shorts or a more formal, tailored pair, we've got you covered with our women's shorts. Our collection of women's shorts includes styles for every occasion from work to play, we have the perfect look for you.

You can choose from different lengths, patterns, and cuts to get the perfect fit for your body type and desired look. If you’re looking for new shorts, LASCANA should be your first place to stop! With a variety of choices, you definitely can find something for every occasion.

This article will discuss the most popular types of shorts, explore how to choose the right shorts for women, and what length of shorts look best. We will even cover why LASCANA is your best choice for finding the perfect pair of shorts! Let's first talk about the types of shorts that exist and how you can choose what kind of shorts fit you best.

The types of women’s shorts

Women's shorts are the perfect way to show off your legs, whether at the beach or just lounging around the house. However, there are so many different types of shorts to choose from, so it is essential to know what is available. Let's look at the most popular short types that we carry at LASCANA.

  • High-waisted shorts sit on your hips rather than at your waist. They're perfect for showing off your legs but require more coverage than other types of shorts. These are also a classic fashion style that you can add to any outfit.
  • Denim shorts are the most popular style for women’s shorts today, and they have been for quite some time. They come in all colors and styles and can be worn with almost anything! They are perfect for a casual beach day and are affordable, too.
  • Cargo shorts are a perfect choice for those who want something comfortable but functional. These shorts come with extra pockets at affordable prices, so you know when you order these that they will live up to expectations!
  • Bermuda shorts are another popular option for women who want to show off their legs without wearing a skirt or dress. They look great paired with sandals or even bare feet! These shorts are just above the knee, so they are great for the milder summer days.
  • Pleated shorts have a bit more volume than other types of women's shorts they have pleats that make them fuller around the hips and thighs than different designs. These are great for more formal days. Out of all the shorts for women online, these are some of the most popular!

How to choose shorts for women?

When you shop women's shorts online, it's essential to consider the shorts' size, color, and style. You have to make sure that the shorts fit you properly. Let's talk more in-depth about why each of these specific traits matters and how they can help you choose the right pair of shorts to update your wardrobe.

  • Size matters a lot when it comes to purchasing women's shorts online. Make sure you look at the measurements, and you're confident that your desired pair of shorts will fit you. In some cases, sizes vary depending on the store, so you must look at the measurements for each size.
  • Color is very important to consider when purchasing shorts. You want to find a pair of shorts that fits your wardrobe and other items in your closet. Shorts come in an array of colors and patterns. In addition, your shorts should be a great addition to your outfit, without making your complexion too washed out or saturated.
  • Style is another crucial factor, as the pair of shorts should complement your body and outfits. When buying women's shorts, it is about what style fits you best! If you don’t like short shorts, then try something longer. If you prefer something tighter, than it is best to avoid baggier shorts. It’s all up to you!

What length of shorts look best?

When you're looking for shorts, you'll find that there are a variety of lengths to choose from. Long shorts, medium-length shorts, and short shorts are available at LASCANA and can be found in different styles, such as solid or patterned. But first, let's discuss what length of shorts is best to choose from for you.

  • Long shorts are great for someone who wants to show off their legs but still be covered up when they wear them. These are perfect for wearing to work or just hanging out with friends. Out of all the ladies’ shorts online, these are the best for milder summer days.
  • Medium-length shorts accentuate the legs without making them look too long or too short, so they have always been quite trendy in the fashion industry. They're also great for layering under dresses or skirts, so you can still show off your legs without worrying about showing too much skin when you're outside in the summer heat!
  • Short shorts are perfect for those who want something fun and flirty that won't get in the way while running around town doing errands on hot days! These are also available in various colors and styles, so when online shopping for women's shorts, you'll have a lot to choose from!

Where to buy ladies shorts online?

When you buy women's shorts online, you want them to be stylish and comfortable. And at LASCANA, we've got all that and more! Our shorts are high-quality, made with materials such as linen, cotton, denim, polyester, and more. So, whether you're looking for cropped or long shorts, we've covered you. You can even find shorts with pockets or without!

LASCANA has everything you need for shorts; best of all, they remain affordable and always in style with the current popular trends. So, when shopping online for women's shorts, choose LASCANA to pick from the best and most affordable options. We have the variety and affordability needed to upgrade your already stylish clothes.