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Skirt for every occasion at Lascana

Whether it's an ankle-grazing maxi, a mini skirt or pleated skirt, skirts are the most important pieces in a fashion lover’s wardrobe. And we don't see the popularity of the skirt fading anytime soon.

Varied fashion trends and aesthetics are flooding social media platforms like TikTok, and there is a skirt style to complement every single one. Whether you enjoy fashion from the 2000’s, cottage-core, tennis core, or something else, skirt styles abound and are a particularly worthwhile investment for every fashion lover.

Skirts have inherent versatility, making them the perfect styling piece, whether with boots, sandals, sneakers, loafers, cardigans, vests, crop tops, or blazers. There are endless options.

Most people grew up wearing maxi skirts as kids, paired with a favorite graphic t-shirt and sneakers. Today, skirts for women are as fashion-forward as it comes, blasting through the awkward teen years and straight on to supermodel chic and style.

Everyone is making the fashion move to skirts, which is why we have put together this handy skirt guide.

Features of Skirts for Women

Skirts are the most versatile fashion trend to emerge this year, and they're getting a lot of attention for it. Let’s find out all the reasons why people are making this fundamental wardrobe shift by discussing the features of skirts that make them so desirable to fashion-forward thinkers.

  • Skirts are incredibly versatile. For example, a satin midi skirt can be styled with sneakers and a sweater for a casual fall look or a stylish top and scrappy heels for more formal events attire.
  • Skirts are easy to shop for. Unlike buying a pair of jeans online, you can easily order skirts online thanks to some forgiveness in the sizing options. This means you can easily shop for skirts online.
  • Skirts are forever fashionable. Even after the trends have faded to embrace new and exciting aesthetics, you’ll be able to use the skirts you buy in seasons to come. They are a fun way to incorporate prints and textures into your wardrobe.
  • When it comes to trending skirts, there is something for everyone. Enjoy rocking a moto jacket? You can wear a mini skirt or opt for a midi satin skirt to complement your inherent style. There are endless possibilities for styling skirts, no matter the aesthetic you enjoy.
  • Skirts for women are abounding because there are many options to choose from. You can easily embrace that effortless vibe that every celebrity seems to exude with a skirt - no matter what style they're currently wearing.
  • Not only are there different styles, but there are also different textures to embrace and play with. The textures vary- from knitted, satin, denim, and suede to cotton, which allows you to add your flair to the outfits you create.

Endless possibilities make skirts the best fashion item you can own this season. Let's take a closer look at the different types of skirts you should invest in.

Types of Skirts

Skirts were fashionable in the 90s and 2000s and have slipped back into mainstream fashion. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you should dig through your mother's closet to find her old clothes. Trends change fast, so you might need to hunt for new skirts online. Let's take a closer look at the types of skirts that will make you appear at the height of fashion. Here are the skirt trends worth the hype and investment.

  1. The Suede Skirt is a must in any fashion lover's closet. It's a staple piece that is easy to dress up or down with a blouse or strappy top.
  2. A flowy Skirt is what you should be looking for in any skirt store when adding a fashionable item to your clothing repertoire. If you enjoy the preppy look, this is a must-have in your closet.
  3. Denim Skirts are the height of fashion and are perfect for those who want to channel their inner 90s chick.
  4. The Midi Pencil Skirt is the perfect skirt for women. This clothing item will give you a snatched waist thanks to the sculpted and fitted silhouette.
  5. Pleated Skirts are the perfect skirt style to shop for online. Whether a mini or midi length, pleated skirts add dimension to your outfits and are definitely needed in your wardrobe this season. Add more flare to your wardrobe with a pleated skirt.

If you’re not sold on the current trends you’ll find for skirts for women, there are plenty of other styles to try that will blow your hair back.

Skirt Styles

Its true-fashion trends come and go, but some skirt styles stay around forever and never lose their charm. While the fashion trends may not be your favorite or reflect your style, LASCANA’s skirt catalog will surely provide you with the best shopping experience to find something you like. Let’s take a closer look at these fashion-forward styles of skirts to shop online.

  1. The Midi Skirt has returned with a vengeance. After being a soft part of fashion trends for the last few years, the midi skirt has become a staple of retro lovers' wardrobes.
  2. The Mini Skirt has emerged from the 2000s and is again a popular part of every fashion lover's wardrobe. After embracing everything high-rise in the last few years of fashion trends, the low-slung look is back and worth the hype. Match a short skirt with a crop top and boots to emulate the mini skirt trends.
  3. An A-Line Skirt is an essential wardrobe staple when fashion is leaning towards versatility. Whether longer or shorter, an A-Line is always trendy and can be dressed up or down.
  4. Maxi Skirts are a fun skirt style that can be dressed up or down, allowing you to embrace the trendiest fashion styles. They are perfect for anyone jetting off to somewhere hot and sunny.
  5. Pencil Skirts are wardrobe essentials. Fitted and sculpted to your body, these make for flattering professional outfits. They can also be adapted for a night out on the town with a quick shoe swap and some extra jewelry.

LASCANA makes it easy to shop for a wide range of skirts online that are perfect for any occasion.

Where To Buy A Skirt

Want to buy women’s skirts online? LASCANA is the easiest site to buy skirts online in the USA. The wide range of skirts for women online allows you to stay current with fashion trends while investing in versatile pieces in your wardrobe. Don't wait to buy skirts for women at LASCANA.