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The variety in women's jackets is virtually endless, from classy blazers to cute boucle button-ups. There is something endlessly timeless about wearing a jacket that adds style, flare, and a snatched waist to any outfit you choose.

Outerwear is one of the many reasons to embrace the cooler weather, especially when there are a variety of fashionable options. We can mourn the sun disappearing for a few months, but jacket season is a good reason to embrace the year's cooler months. Jackets are one of the few clothing styles that allow versatility. Whether you enjoy feminine lines, oversized styles, silk, or denim, there are many ways to wear a jacket.

Pair your favorite jean jacket with tailored wide-legged pants and high-heeled boots for a classy look, or dress it down with a flowy skirt and sneakers. The same goes for our favorite oversized blazer, long trench coat, and many more styles that have come back into fashion this season.

Jackets for women are a staple in every fashion lover's wardrobe and are central to a trendy outfit this season. Thanks to the fashion industry's move towards more sustainability in fashion, we are seeing more timeless pieces on the runway than ever before. These jackets can be worn again and again and again. You can't go wrong with your choice of jacket this season, whether it's a leather biker jacket, trenchcoat, sherpa, or denim jacket.

There are so many options across the internet regarding jackets, so let's take a closer look at the jackets that you need this season, how to pick the perfect ones, and how to style them.

Types of jackets for women

Amongst some of the more extravagant ladies' jacket trends, such as bright yellow raincoats, there are plenty of women's jackets online to choose from. As a lady, this can make choosing the right one for your style and fashion preferences a bit difficult, so let's take a closer look at the types of jackets that are great options for timeless and classic pieces in your wardrobe.

  1. Trench coats are the fashion favorite this season. We are seeing many shorter-styled options this season, but there are plenty of long trench coats in fashion. These have become the epitome of casual chic; paired with high-waisted pants and sneakers or a skirt and stockings for a cute and casual look, you definitely need a trench coat in your closet this season.
  2. Moto jackets are typically cropped jackets that emphasize the waist in a flattering and sexy way. These are the perfect way to make your summer dresses, and skirts go further by wearing them in the cooler months. A moto jacket also looks great with wide-legged trousers and heels or a shorter skirt and knee-high boots.
  3. Bomber jackets are the minimalist dressers' favorite this season, especially oversized styles. In neutral hues like brown, metal gray, or nude colors, these are extremely fashionable options to keep warm. They can be seen in streetwear paired with gauzy lace skirts and style heels or wide-legged jeans, sunnies, and comfy sneakers for a casual silhouette.
  4. The shacket cropped up a few seasons ago in major fashion trends, and it hasn't really gone anywhere. And thank goodness! Because these are the most comfortable options for keeping warm and cozy in the cold weather. Whether you enjoy brighter colors or more neutral options, a shacket will keep you warm and comfy no matter the occasion.
  5. No wardrobe is complete without a leather jacket. Whether a fitted biker-style jacket or a coat with leather sleeves, a jacket with this texture is versatile and fashionable. Pair with jeans and a scarf over a knitted layer, and you will be warm and cozy for any occasion.

Jacket styles for women

There are so many styles of ladies' jackets online that the choice can be overwhelming. Choosing the right style to compliment your wardrobe is important, so let's take a look at the styles of female jackets to shop for this season.

  • Denim jackets are a style all on their own. Whether you prefer an oversized boyfriend-style jacket or a stylish cropped number, there are endless options for styling. You can wear denim on denim as an accessory to highlight your summer maxi dress or with a skirt and knee-high boots for a chic look.
  • Boucle jackets are the staple of every woman who loves an academia-inspired look. These have come into fashion in a major way and offer several styling options. Where this cropped and preppy jacket with a neat pair of slacks and chunky loafers for a casual yet office-appropriate look. Or opt for something more trendy with a skirt, boots, and headband.
  • Duster jackets can range from soft and comfortable to more structured and are a perfect way to cover up in the cold. Depending on how warm you want to be, these are perfect for styling with a pair of jeans, boots, and a blouse for a casual look.
  • The wool coat has never gone out of fashion because it is so warm, cozy, and completely stylish. With a belt at the waist to cinch in the waist, these are super flattering options to keep warm during the cooler months. A pair of slacks or denim with high-heeled boots don't go remiss with this outfit.
  • Cashmere coats and jackets are one of the many staples in your closet that allows you to play with brighter colors. Opting for bright baby blues and pink styles is a great way to keep warm while showing off the rest of your outfit. A stunning white blouse and slacks with heels are the perfect way to show off these wonderfully warm and stunning jackets for more formal occasions.

Trending women's jackets

While we've delved into the many styles and types of jackets for women online, it's also important to take note of the trending women's jackets online. There are so many in fashion aesthetics this season, whether it be fun and feminine or more masculine chic. Genderless is definitely a trending design this season, but that's not for everyone. So let's take a look at the styles this season that excite and are perfect for adding to your jacket collection (because who can have only one jacket).

  1. The puffer jacket has become a staple of every fashion lover's wardrobe. The oversized and cozy style everyone loved while remote working has carried over into fashion trends. There is so much versatility when choosing a puffer jacket, including bright colors, length, and how oversized you enjoy wearing your clothes. This trend is super comfy, as well as fashionable!
  2. Sherpa-lined jackets for women are definitely trending, and we are in love with this cozy, warm, and oh-so-fashionable way to keep warm during the colder months. Depending on your preferences in style, you can wear these in a longer style or a moto style. The fashion trends are leaning towards styles with exposed sherpa on the collar or on the body in a patchwork style.
  3. The oversized blazer has been a fashion favorite since the 90s, and it's not going anywhere soon. This jacket is one of the chicest ways to wear oversized fashion trends, lending strong lines and flattering tailoring options to any outfit. Pair with an oversized button-up and chunky shoes for a chic yet casual outfit.
  4. Faux fur has become a must-have when it comes to fashionable wear this season. These boxy jackets covered in faux fur are the epitome of chic right now, featuring neutral colors and super soft textures.

Where to buy women's jackets?

Ladies' jacket online shopping is so easy when there are so many styles to explore on LASCANA. With a wide range of high-quality, cozy, and affordable options, it is easy to buy a woman's jacket this season.

Choose between longer trench coat styles and short boucle jackets for a more preppy look, or prioritize comfort and style with cozy yet fashionable coats. Complete your wardrobe when you buy ladies’ jackets at LASCANA.