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Tops for women at LASCANA

Whether you have a capsule wardrobe, enjoy maximalist dressing, or follow the latest trends, you can enjoy the mixing and matching fashion lovers are doing with their seasonal wardrobes.

We're seeing spring maxi dresses in fall, winter knits to cinch waists in the summer, and so much more seasonal experimentation. Thanks to these changes, we're seeing the re-emergence of many basics, including a variety of women's tops.

Whether you enjoy boho dressing, tend toward sleeker and fitted outfits, or experiment with fashion trends, you are looking to buy tops for women to add to your wardrobe. Blouses, shirts, tank tops, corsets, vests, and peasant tops are all in fashion.

LASCANA offers one of the biggest selections of women's tops online to shop. You will surely find plenty of ladies' tops online that compliment your wardrobe staples and elevate your outfits to the next level.

Let's take a closer look at all things women's tops to find something that compliments your personal style while keeping up to date on the fashion trends.

Types of Women's Tops

Everyone can enjoy having great clothing items in their wardrobe, and women's tops are just that. When you shop tops for women, having a wide selection of the most fashionable pieces at your fingertips means that you can stay ahead of the trends with the wardrobe staples you need to feel beautiful.

Let's look at the types of tops you need in your wardrobe this season.

  1. Oversized Button Up. The oversized button-up is back in fashion. If you don't already have an oversized white shirt in your wardrobe, you need to run and buy one now. An oversized top is a must-have in your closet. They're perfect for tucking, layering, or wearing as a cover-up - so much versatility!
  2. Tank Top. The tank top has also made up a comeback. A white tank top is the epitome of sleek fashion. But to elevate your wardrobe, you should shop for tank tops with details and prints.
  3. Crop top. Crop tops don't need to be midriff-bearing and uncomfortable to be fashionable. They are an extremely stylish way to emphasize your waist and draw attention to the right curves on your body. Whether you wear these pieces as a top or a layer to complement an outfit, they are a very flattering option.
  4. Blouse. Blouses are a versatile piece; every woman needs in their wardrobe. They are perfect as a layering piece, no matter if you throw it over a tank top to use it as a jacket or you wear it under a sweater during the colder days. Moreover, they are a perfect staple for work wardrobe.
  5. Batwing tops. Along with oversized tops, batwing tops show elegant lines and complement many staples in your wardrobe. Find a trendy print or a jewel tone, and you have a shirt to wear throughout the seasons.

Top Styles for Women

There are plenty of tops online for ladies to choose from, but where to start? When you're looking to buy women's tops online, these are some of the styles you should be looking out for.

  • Peasant Blouses. Loose peasant styles are a must for those who enjoy flowing bohemian styles. Patterned peasant blouses, perfectly pair with a flowing skirt or fitted jeans.
  • Wrap Tops. Channel the inner ballerina with a wrap top. Wrap tops, ballerina skirts, and tights are all the rage, and channeling any of these elements instantly adds femininity and flattering lines to your ensemble.
  • Jersey knit shirts. Jersey knits are the epitome of elegant casual wear after COVID. Whether you channel your style with a fitted vest over a button-down shirt or a knit set for lounging during the holiday season, there are plenty of options.
  • Ruffles + Frills. Ruffles and frills are the picture of feminine chic. If you enjoy wearing a more dramatic outfit, any collection with stunning embellishments is worth adding to your wardrobe.
  • Off-the-shoulder tops. An off-the-shoulder top creates flattering lines with a sloping neckline, revealing your collarbone and neck. This is the perfect style to wear with a pair of fitted slacks or with a skirt and knee-high boots for a more formal and sleek look.

How To Choose Tops for Women?

When looking for women's tops during online shopping, it can be overwhelming to make the right choice when there are so many designs. Here are some tips to help you find women's tops while online shopping that matches your personal style while keeping your appearance fresh and fashionable.

  1. Think about what you already have in your closet. There is always room in our closet for something that catches your eye. But you will get much more wear from an item that compliments multiple pieces of clothing in your wardrobe.
  2. Shop versatile pieces. Buying items that can be dressed up or down will allow you to get much more use out of your clothing items. When you buy online tops for women at LASCANA, you will have pieces that can be worn on every occasion. Casual and cute can quickly become an evening ensemble that wows.
  3. Buy tops for women that are made from high-quality materials. High-quality clothing items will have a longer lifetime. You can wear them throughout the year, enjoy them on many occasions, and appreciate the feeling of high-quality clothing on your skin. Shop women's tops easily online on LASCANA's website.
  4. Know your body type before buying clothing items. There are five major body types – hourglass, round, inverted triangle, rectangle and pear. If you know what shape your body falls into, then you can buy tops for women that flatter your body and make you feel sleek and svelte. There is nothing worse than buying clothes that make you feel frumpy or unhappy in your body.
  5. Identify the colors that suit your skin tone. Depending on your skin tone, certain colors can make your skin appear brighter, while others will wash you out. Choose tops that help you achieve a glow when looking in the mirror.

What Can Women's Tops Be Styled With?

The wonderful thing about buying tops for women online is that you can style them with several items you already have in your wardrobe. How will you style your lady tops this season? Let's look at some style combinations of women's clothes tops to experiment with.

Printed tees are in fashion. You can make the most of your inner rocker chic by neatly knotting your favorite printed tee over a maxi dress. Alternatively, pair it with a denim skirt over a pair of boots for a 90s look.

Layer a knitted vest over a button-up with slacks for a casual yet classy look. Style with your favorite pair of booties, and you're ready to head to the mall or meet a friend for some coffee.

Grab your new favorite wrap top and pair it with a maxi skirt and sneakers for a casual look. If you want to dress it up a bit more, look for kitten heels and a classy necklace, and wear an updo to emphasize clean and elegant lines while out on the town.

Flirty frills and ruffles are perfect for a feminine, yet chic, look. Pair a top with ruffles or frills with a pair of washed-out denim to create a fun look. It's easy to dress this outfit up or down, depending on your shoe and hairstyle choices. Wear your hair in loose waves with sneakers for a casual look, or slick your it back and wear an eye-catching pair of boots as a classy outfit.

What Materials Are Popular Women's Tops Made From?

When you buy tops for women online, shopping many different materials can change the style of a garment. Cotton, viscose, and lace are just a few of these examples. Let's take a closer look at the trending materials and how they can elevate ladies' tops online.

Cotton is one of the many basic materials you will find when searching for tops for women during online shopping. Basic tees, oversized shirts, and peasant blouses are all examples of staples that are made out of cotton. They are light and cool during the summer months and easily layered for a fashionable look during the winter.

  • Viscose knit is a staple that you need for a fashionable ensemble. Vests, loungewear sets, and warm layers can be worn throughout the year. You can easily find jersey knit tops for women while shopping online.
  • Satin and sequins are perfect for evening wear. Oversized shirts with sequins are perfect for holiday parties, and satin will help you channel femininity when wearing something casual or more dressy.
  • Embrace your inner 00's child with a denim blouse. Tie it in the front to get a more casual look or combine it with denim pants as a classy choice.
  • Lace and tulle are the definitions of flirty and feminine when it comes to material choices. Choosing a women's top in this style is perfect for cute but classy attire.