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The long sleeve tops for women at LASCANA

Whatever fashion trends are your favorite, women's long sleeves tops are the basis for your preferred style this season. Cottage core, light academia, ballet core, country-club chic, and many more styles rely on great statement pieces and the basics, such as long-sleeve tops for women.

The exciting thing about current fashion trends is the mixing and matching of materials, styles, silhouettes, and so much more to create unique outfits. One example is pairing your favorite flashy sequined pants with cottage core style long-sleeve tops for women.

Puff sleeves, embroidered colors, wild design prints, sheer fabrics, and twisted tie tops are all in fashion and getting their moment to shine. Long sleeve tops for women are the basis for all major fashion trends circulating the internet right now. Let's take a closer look at the best fashion long-sleeve top trends and how you can incorporate them into your personal style.

The types of long-sleeve tops for women that you need in your wardrobe

There are so many variations of ladies' long-sleeve tops to enjoy this season. Let's take a closer look at the types of full-sleeve tops for women that are fashionable, flattering, and oh-so-worth-wearing.

  1. Puff sleeves are the latest trend in ladies' long-sleeve tops making waves in the fashion world. Originally a fashion staple in the 80s, puff-sleeved tops offer a flattering silhouette while allowing designers to experiment with alternative materials in these statement shirts.
  2. The shoulder tops are the summer staple in your closet. Showing off your shoulders is flattering and gives your outfit the little extra. They can be combined with a variety of bottoms such as midi skirts, fitted pants or shorts.
  3. Prints are highly fashionable at the moment. Printed tops give your outfit the little extra to make you shine. Those shirts elevate your basic outfit to an eyecatcher.

The must-have styles of women's long sleeve tops

Fashion trends have expanded greatly after COVID-19, so you can't go wrong with choosing full-sleeved tops for women online. That being said, there are a few styles that you definitely should not miss out on.

  1. High neck, or turtle neck, long sleeve female tops offer a basic item perfect for creating a chic outfit. You could dig out your old high-neck full-sleeve tops, but if you want to stay in the current trends, choose mesh materials, retro-inspired design, and bright colors. Black is always suitable in fashion, but this season's trends reflect a more color-filled style.
  2. Backless long-sleeve tops never go out of fashion and are always an asset to any feminine chic-inspired wardrobe. Everyone can use a backless top in their closet, as they make for the perfect going-out long-sleeve top.
  3. Peasant blouses always make for a casual yet eye-catching outfit. These loose-fitting styles often look great with embroidered details paired with your favorite denim jeans and slim-line boots for a chic look.
  4. Off-the-shoulder long-sleeve tops from women are something we must include in the top styles to include in your wardrobe. There is something artistically elegant about wearing an off-the-shoulder style with oversized sleeves that adds unprecedented levels of chic to your going-out outfits. Paired with chunky earrings, this season's favorite slicked-back hairstyle and leather pants offer a sophisticated yet sexy evening outfit.

How to choose ladies long sleeve tops when shopping?

Buying long sleeve tops online can be difficult if you don't know how to style your body or what fashion trends you like to experiment with. Let's break down how you can create an outfit that feels like you by choosing the perfect long-sleeve tops for your closet.

  1. Consider your clothing size. There's nothing more excruciating than ordering a top that doesn't fit you. Knowing your size and measurement is especially important this season, as many trends are fitted close to the body. You want your clothes to feel good on your body, so make sure that you select items that will feel good every time you put them on.
  2. Choose pieces you like over what is trendy. Fashion trends can seem necessary when we are considering our clothing selections. But there are so many trends to choose from and so much flexibility; choose long-sleeve tops that match your style and look. Buying pieces that can be versatile throughout the seasons is a great way to make the most out of your wardrobe.
  3. Have fun choosing your long sleeve styles online. There are so many options to choose from and so much flexibility in fashion this season; it's worth buying the clothing items that speak to your inner sense of style. Choose wild colors, embrace flouncy sleeves and enjoy wearing something more daring than usual.

How to style your long sleeve female tops?

Now that you know what long lady tops to pick, how do you style your new items to create a chic look? Once you've found ladies' long tops during online shopping, there are so many ways to style them. Let's look at a few you can experiment with.

  1. Layers are one of the most stunning ways to style your lady's long-sleeve tops. Layer a basic white long-sleeve top under a knitted vest, puffer jacket, or a sweater. These will give you a chic dimension within your style that you can accessorize with gold jewelry and chunky loafers.
  2. Statement bottoms can make your long sleeve top choices pop. Style a pair of sequined pants with a wide-collared shirt, or add a pop of color with an attention-grabbing neon green turtle neck and magenta bottoms. Color blocking is in, and you can use your statement pieces with other statement items to make an impression on your outfit.
  3. Big belts are the perfect partner to every full-sleeve top for women online. The 80s fashion trends have circled back around, including the oversized belt. Great your favorite blazer with massive shoulder pads, and cinch it over your long-sleeve top with a huge belt. Add a matching pair of trousers and some statement shoes, and you have yourself a trendy outfit.

Where to buy a full-sleeve top for women online?

It's easy to buy long sleeve tops online thanks to LASCANA's vast array of beautiful pieces on offer. You will be able to shop for different looks, materials, and styles of long sleeve tops for women. You'll find everything you're looking for and more when you browse the website for your next cute outfit.