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A great sundress is a wardrobe staple. These summer-inspired garments are some of the most vers­atile pieces in your clothing collection because they can be styled in so many ways.

As soon as the summer sun comes out, a new wave of sundresses for women comes into fashion. Summer heat calls for comfortable and cool clothes, making sundresses the perfect option.

The runway is filled with slim-cut sundresses, cutouts, puff sleeves, and bright colors like red and yellow. There are countless options to look good and feel good in these light and airy fabrics while the hot weather is out.

While summer shorts and tops may be functional, there is something about a sundress that makes women everywhere feel fun and flirty under the summer sun.

A sundress is a must-have in your closet. LASCANA offers a wide range of options for sundresses for women. They can be worn on several different occasions when the weather is warmer. They are perfect for pairing with a jacket, wearing on a date, or frolicking in the summer sun.

Let's take a closer look at the most fashionable styles of sundresses and how you can style them this summer season.

Styles of sundresses

Women's sundresses are perfect for keeping cool in the hot weather. They have the added bonus of being exceptionally stylish options for enjoying the summer sun. There are many styles of ladies' sundresses to choose from, so let's take a closer look at some popular options!

  1. Mini dresses are a favorite when it comes to sundresses. These are perfect for experimenting with the season's bolder colors, such as red and yellow. With a hemline that typically hits above the mid-thigh level, these dresses show off a little more but are still stylish and can perfectly be paired with a sporty sandal or a comfortable pair of sneakers. Alternatively, you can wear beachy sandals for a more feminine look.
  2. Midi dresses are a fun alternative to mini dresses, allowing you to enjoy the hot weather in a cool dress. Floral midi dresses continue to be fashionable choices, but fitted sheath dresses have become increasingly popular. Pair with some cute boots or a pair of sandals and some gold jewelry for a chic look.
  3. Maxi dresses have long been a go-to for women everywhere when dressing for the summer weather. Maxi dresses are perfect for comfort, with billowing skirts to keep your legs cool. There are many styles of necklines to choose from to complement a wide range of body types. They are especially flattering on shorter bodies because they elongate the body.
  4. Shift dresses are excellent options to enjoy the summer weather. They are cool, made of light fabrics, and allow you to experiment with statement jewelry, bags, shoes, and other accessories, thanks to their simple design.
  5. Bandeau dresses are often in a maxi style and are great for showing off your shoulders. Style with sunnies and sandals to sit around the pool, eat lunch with friends, or attend a picnic.

Trends in women's sundresses

When shopping for sundresses online, there are a few trends to be aware of before making a purchase. Summer dress trends change fast, and we want to shop sundresses in the latest styles. Let's take a look at this season's most fabulous trends.

  1. Bold colors and contrasting patterns are a major trend in sundresses. You can skip the neutrals and experiment with more daring patterns and colors if you feel like it. Dazzling blues, reds, and yellows are eye-catching options. While neutrals are still fashionable options, adding these fun and colorful details makes for a statement outfit.
  2. Florals are always in when it comes to a sundress. They are the epitome of feminine chic when the weather is hot because there are so many styling options. This season, bold florals abound, but simple florals remain a go-to. It is easy to put together a chic outfit with sandals or sneakers.
  3. Sheath sundresses with ribbed fabrics or in a tank top style are the perfect simple sundress. They can be easily dressed up or down, depending on your choice of jacket and shoes. Plus, they are very comfortable to wear.
  4. Halter neck sundresses with high or low necklines are trending this season. They offer flattering necklines and a wide range of hemlines from mini to floor length. They are a fashionable option worn in various colors to be a chic ensemble.

What to wear with a sundress?

There is so much versatility when styling an outfit with a sundress. You can easily dress a sundress up or down, allowing you to style a new outfit for multiple occasions. It’s easy to shop for sundresses online at LASCANA, giving you many fashionable styles to choose from. Alternatively, you can shop for sundresses in-store. But there are so many more options to choose from when you buy sundresses online. Let's look at some of our favorite styling options for sundresses.

  • Denim is a dream styling piece, creating the perfect casual ensemble paired with a sundress. You won't go wrong, whether it's a denim jacket or a denim vest. Pair this ensemble with casual heels or sneakers for something more low-key. Add an oversized belt as an additional accessory.
  • Wearing a layer like a sweater adds some elevated sophistication to a sundress. This can take your outfit from a day-to-night look instantly. Flowy summer sweaters or a button-up cardigan are perfect for completing this more sophisticated look. Pair with elegant stiletto heels, a stylish clutch, and glamorous accessories. A jeweled brooch, hair clip, or necklace is a perfect addition.
  • Sundresses are the perfect opportunity to break out a great pair of shoes. Whether it's a pair of chunky sandals, boots you love but don't wear, or new sneakers, style your favorite sundress with them. Sundresses and statement shoes go hand and hand together.
  • Whether it's a statement ring, oversized hoop earrings, or a pair of chic sunnies, styling your sundress with chic accessories is a must. For bold and colorful sundresses, choose delicate and dainty accessories. Simpler sundresses can be easily styled with statement pieces for maximum effect.

Where to buy sundresses for women?

LASCANA offers some of the most fashionable and well-loved styles in women's wear and is one of the best places to buy sundresses online. Get ready for the summer sun now, and ensure you have a fashionable sundress this season.

It's so easy to buy sundresses online, with so many stunning styles and colors and great prices at LASCANA.

Be ready for the warm weather with one of our stunning sundresses in your closet.