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Swimsuits for women at LASCANA

We might think that womens swimsuits are for the summer, and while frolicking in the sand, wearing a flattering one-piece is the kind of fun we’re here for, it's not the only season of the year you'll need great swimwear.

What about dips in the hot tub while on a snow-filled getaway or a winter escape to warmer climates? No matter the time of year, you need womens bathing suits that make you feel comfortable in your skin and give you the freedom to enjoy all kinds of water activities.

With Instagram feeds flooded with an abundance of swimwear inspiration, there are a lot of style choices to choose from. Whether it's an eye-catching tankini, a classic monochrome one-piece, or a sparkly bikini with added support, there are so many flattering options. No matter our preference, we all know that the most important criterion for picking out a swimsuit is finding one you feel your best in.

LASCANA offers a wide range of swimsuits for women, from tankinis to bikinis and everything in between. Let’s break down everything you need to know about picking out the perfect swimsuit to serve you all year long.

Styles of bathing suits for women

There are many styles of women's swimsuits to choose from. For such a small piece of fabric, there are many options to choose from. The most important thing to remember when picking out swimsuits for women is to find something comfortable. With that in mind, let's look at some styles to choose from this season.

  1. Tankinis are back, and we love this return to comfortable styling on the beach. A tankini top extends to meet the waistline of the bottoms, providing extra coverage and convenience. Some women prefer to cover up to enjoy the summer sun, and wearing a tankini is a great and comfortable alternative to a one-piece swimsuit. Tankinis come in a wide range of top and bottom styles, offering more or less coverage, depending on your preferences.
  2. Bikinis are two-piece bathing suits perfect if you prefer showing off a bit of skin. You can choose a style based on how much support you would like on the bust, choose from cheeky to full-coverage bottoms, and decide on a wide range of styles, prints, and colors. Bikinis are one of the most loved swimwear options when it comes to spending time in the sun because there are so many options and combinations to choose from.
  3. One-piece swimsuits are the ultimate classic womens swimwear. A one-piece is perfect for offering a little more coverage in a chic way without compromising on style sense. There are plenty of options, whether a plunging neckline, a supported bra top, or a low back paired with a cheeky cut bottom for something a bit saucier.

Trending womens swimwear

Barely there, sparkly, crochet, and cutouts are all trending bathing suits for women. But those styles aren’t the only trending women's bathing suits that will make you feel good and look good. Let’s take a closer look at some great trends.

  • The little black womens swimsuit. Like a little black dress, a black one-piece never goes out of style. Designers worldwide know this, so you're sure to find a swimsuit that looks good and feels good in a wide range of styles when you buy trending swimwear. You literally can't go wrong with a black one piece.
  • Strapless swimsuits are always in fashion (hello, great tan lines). Whether it's a bikini or a strapless bathing suit, these are elegant options that are great for showing off your collarbones. Of course, if your breasts are on the larger side, you may opt for something with more support or a built-in corset-style top to support your breast line.
  • Thanks to Bay Watch, surfer girl styles with zips haven't gone out of fashion. Any swimsuit with a zip at the bust line is perfect for channeling your inner surfer girl chic, regardless of your body type. A zippered style offers extra support if your breasts are on the larger side while embracing trendy ladies' swimwear and offering more protection from the sun.

How to choose women's swimwear?

There are plenty of options for ladies' swimwear, but it can be difficult to choose the right fit for your body. We know choosing something that feels good to wear without a cover-up isn't an easy task. So here are some helpful tips for choosing the right women's swimwear for you.

  1. Choose based on activity. Choosing a swimsuit based on your preferred activity is important regardless of your body type. If you're going to be sipping Mai Tais on the beach while catching a few rays or relaxing in a hot tub, you may opt for something slinkier and sexy. But suppose you're going to be sliding down water slides, taking a swim, running on the beach, or traversing waterfalls while hiking. In that case, opting for a swimsuit that offers more coverage, support, and practicality is important.
  2. Decide on your coverage level. Something with more coverage may make you feel more comfortable while cavorting across the beach. But if you spend the day lounging in the sun, opting for something with less coverage is acceptable because you won’t be jumping or running around.
  3. Decide how much support you need. If you have a big bust, you will likely need an in-built bra or a swimsuit with additional support. Nothing is worse than pairing your brand-new costume with an additional bikini top to add to your girl's support.
  4. Use body measurements to find the right size for you. While there are so many styles that suit different body shapes, it's important to consider your measurements when choosing a swimsuit. Ordering anything online can be a nightmare without the correct corresponding size, so take your measurements on the hips, waist, and bust to ensure a good fit.

The best-fitting women's swimsuits

Finding womens swimsuits in store can be difficult if you don't know what to choose based on your body type. Swimwear for ladies has so much variety, so let's look at the best-fitting women’s suits based on particular body shapes.

  • Women with bigger busts need to focus on support for a swimsuit that has the right fit. Opt for tops with wide-set straps, a bikini top with underwire support, and a thick band under the bust for extra support.
  • The best suits to add flattering lines around the tummy area are shirred panels, a colorful top, and dark or solid bottoms. Ruching is particularly flattering, making you feel confident while splashing around in the pool.
  • Anyone with fuller hips, such as pear and hourglass-shaped bodies, can opt for attention-grabbing tankini tops and simple high-cut bottoms. These flattering and practical options leave you feeling you're most confident at the beach.

Where to buy swimsuits for women?

There are plenty of places to buy swimsuits online, but LASCANA offers the best experience when online shopping for swimsuits. With a wide range of styles, sizes, colors, patterns, styles, and trends, you're sure to easily find something fun to wear on your next beach day with a visit to LASCANA online shop.

Shopping for women's swimwear online doesn't have to feel stressful because you have flattering options on hand that will fit real women's body sizes and figures. We should love our bodies throughout every stage of life, whether during pregnancy, after kids, or later in life.