What’s an E-Certificate? How do I redeem mine?

A LASCANA E-Certificate is a digital merchandise credit that never expires. You can redeem it at any time at LASCANA to purchase new merchandise.

If you make a return with Happy Returns and opt for LASCANA Wallet credit, you will receive your credit in the form of an E-Certificate. 

How do I redeem my E-Certificate?

You can redeem an E-Certificate in the billing section of the checkout process at LASCANA.

  1. In the billing step at checkout, click “Redeem E-Cert” tab next to PayPal and Credit Card under payment options.
  2. Enter your E-Certificate number just like a gift card and select “APPLY”.
  3. Once your E-Certificate has been applied, the value of the E-Certificate will be deducted from the total
  4. Continue completing your order as usual